Cynthia Knight

TV Writer. Showrunner. Story Editor.Multiple Canadian Screen Award nominee.Romantic and cynic.A firm believer that it’s her duty and privilege to create entertaining content that brings people together by showing what unites us instead of what divides us.

About Cynthia

A writer best known for co-creating and showrunning the critically-acclaimed, award-winning series Mohawk Girls, Cynthia also story edits series and feature films, was a development executive for many years, and teaches TV writing to young whippersnappers she hopes will hire her one day.


“Mohawk Girls is a work of exceptional imaginative energy and charm.” – John Doyle, The Globe and Mail


Award-winning writer & showrunner with decades of experience as a development executive, writer, story editor, mentor and teacher, Cynthia Knight is taking her Secrets of Writing Hit TV Series workshop online.Past students have gone on to forge successful TV writing careers. They’ve won screenwriting contests, received fellowships, landed agents, gotten series optioned, and scored development deals with national broadcasters.

"Cynthia is a dynamic and engaging teacher who will help you take your material to the next level."- John Ward, former student


“gutsy…hilarious and consequential.” – John Doyle, The Globe and Mail“I can’t stop watching it” – Tom Power, q CBC Radio

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Logline: After a blissful fling leads to pregnancy, Ellie (white, Jewish, American) and Ondobo (Black, Christian, African) shack up, thrusting themselves and their overbearing, devout, traditional families into the much less blissful, complex, awkward challenges of an interfaith and interracial relationship.Status: Pitch document
(Received Canada Media Fund Early-Stage Development Grant 2021-22)


Logline: A perfectionistic control-freak struggles with the never-ending obstacles and challenges of being a stepmother when her fiancé’s estranged and unruly children move back to town and in with them.Status: Script
(Received Canada Media Fund Early-Stage Development Grant 2019-20)


Logline: A rebellious Hasidic woman, convinced that God wants more from her than changing diapers and baking challah bread, leaves the fold to find her way in the heathenous secular world, risking everything she ever knows in order to find what she hopes is her purpose in life.Status: Script


Logline: An eclectic group of women try to keep their families together, their self-esteem intact and their own dreams alive while playing second fiddle to their husbands – the stars and wanna-be stars of today’s competitive and dwindling jazz scene.Status: Pitch document


Logline: A jilted, relationship-averse woman goes to Cuba for a week of fun, sun and ego-boosting sex. But when she accidentally falls in love with her swarthy Cuban vacationship, she must overcome her fears and her bikini- clad competition if she wants a shot at true love, not the vacation kind.Status: Script

The Secrets of Writing Hit TV Series

with award-winning writer and showrunner Cynthia Knight

Have a brilliant idea for a TV series but no clue how to make it into a killer pilot? Or have a stellar script but no clue how to make it into a long-lasting series?Live on the East Coast and are frustrated that there aren’t more TV writing courses geared toward your schedule?Then this course is for you.

Learn the secrets of great TV writing. How to craft a series that will entertain audiences, excite broadcasters and that matters to you.And learn how to collaborate, and how to give and receive feedback so you’ll be prepared – and be awesome – when you get into your first writers' room!

Now based part time in the US, Cynthia will be offering a special in-person meetup after the course ends for those in New York and in South Central Florida to foster networking and building of the creative community (contingent upon the situation with Covid).

2022 summer/fall course dates to be announced.To be notified when dates are set, please email cknightfilms@gmail.comClasses held Tuesdays 6:30-9 PM ETAll classes are virtual over Zoom.- One scholarship available per course in the form of discounted fees. Apply HERE

More Testimonials

"Cynthia has blessed me and numerous writers with her charm, dedication, and extensive knowledge of writing for TV for several years both as a mentor and co-creator. It makes me happy to see that she will be sharing her expertise with the rest of the world."
- Louise Lalonde Productions

"Cynthia was a tremendous help and guide in focusing on the core elements of my story, treatment and script. She asked the tough and essential questions."
- Rick Gibbs, former student

"Cynthia engineered the class in such a way that you felt like you could pitch to the group without being self conscious about it."
- Gia Milani, former student

"She is an experienced and incisive mentor with an excellent grasp of story, structure, conflict, and the other necessary ingredients for great TV. She manages to be encouraging while still offering necessary critical feedback."
- former student

"Cynthia is more than just an instructor — she’s a mentor who willingly and patiently shares her experience in TV and writing. She actively listens, and the way she constructively provides notes and feedback is particularly helpful. She focuses on asking questions to help you see — and reveal — your story better while making it a more focused piece of writing. She’s fantastic at helping bring out what your script is really about and finding ways to ensure that’s coming through on the page and through the characters. She really helped me better understand the mechanics and the different options around establishing a story engine. Cynthia also opened my eyes to all the emotional storytelling opportunity within the dramedy and half-hour realm. I’ve actively recommended emerging screenwriters consider her TV Intensive workshop."
- JA Skikavich, former student

"My writing partner and I worked with Cynthia over the past few years to develop a half-hour dramedy series. Throughout the process she was a brilliant co-collaborator, trusted mentor and a very, very patient person. Her vast experience, strong work ethic and down to earth approach was invaluable. She’s also fun to work with and we spent a lot of time laughing."
- Donna Davies, Ruby Tree Films